Council Should Ditch Business Districts Plan

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Control freaks of the Auckland City Council have plans to force business owners into Business Improvement Districts. This exercise in forced collectivistaion will see businesses charged a levy by the council in exchange for being provided with marketing, cleaning and security services. Insanely the council also plans to extend this concept to shopping malls. Last time I looked, malls such as Sylvia Park and Westfield Shoppping Centres are already doing a bloody good job of marketing, cleaning their malls and maintaining security. So why does the council have to get involved?

I think the Council is attempting to simply squeeze big business further in order to fund its illegitimate activities. Council will get extra revenue from malls through the targeted levy and then spend nothing on the malls who will continue to take care of these activities themselves. I cannot imagine even this control freak leftist council would advocate paying the marketing costs for Westfield Malls, levied or not. Essentially it is a double dipping rip off and it must be resisted.

What’s more, malls included in the Business Improvement Districts will have only as much say as a corner dairy in the management of thiose districts despite paying far higher levies than any other members. It’s the usual problem with unfettered democracy – those who fund it have only as much say as those who bludge from it.

Councillor Arthur Anae claims that it is necessary to include malls within the Business Improvement Districts because he feels everyone should be treated equally. I say that this isn’t the carving up of a bloody birthday cake at a five year olds birthday party. It is the further theft of businesses money to fund services for them that they already provide for themselves. Anae claims if malls are excluded it will make the BID scheme an “administrative nightmare.” Here’s a newsflash for you councillor; any Council bereaucracy is a nightmare. Just try being a property owner who wishes to exercise sovereignty over their own property and make an alteration to their house!

Unsurprisingly, cheif commie Mayor Len Brown is a big supporter of the BID scheme. He says, “This signals we’re serious about building our local townships and getting funding behind them.” No it doesn’t Len. It signals you want to further rip off those who have been most successful in business to subsidise the commercial operations of others.

I accept that it makes sense for the council to ensure the streets and footpathsare cleaned on a regular basis, paid for from general rates. That is all I accept. Marketing and security costs for businesses are most definitely not a function of the council. They should be paid for the buesinesses that choose to use them.

Auckland City Council should not be further increasing its debt ceiling for corporate welfare!


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