Vice Under Attack!

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

The insidious intrusion into our personal habits at the behest of the Auckland City Council is being joined by the evil Catholic church and freedom hating health experts. All have one thing in common; a desire to use the state to regulate our lives and a genuine hatred of individual liberty. I say it is time for free individuals to stand up and fight back while you can. The suffocating blob of ignorance is demanding more chains and more fascism.

Following calls by failed Mayor George Wood, a NZ Herald poll shows a majority of internet participants support a ban on smoking outdoors in the central city. It isn’t enough for the sheeple that totalitarians prohibit the right of property owners to set their own policies in their bars and work vehicles; now the willingly enslaved want government to stop what we do outside on the street.  The march of Government over our rights is insatiable! No regulation is ever enough! Once one law against cigarettes gets passed the victims of state dependency demand more and more. They will not stop until tobacco becomes a banned substance with the crime and bloodshed that inevitably follows.

I started smoking at 14 and accept it is addictive. Even though I quit 6 months ago I fail the resist the lure of a social puff over a drink. During my day to day activities however, I would even go as far as to say that I find the smell of other people smoking *offensive*. What I will never do however, is demand restrictions by the Government. My position is quite the opposite. I think smoking in bars is a decision for the property owner. I think smoking in the workplace is a decision for the employer. I advocate the complete eradication of excise tax on cigarettes in conjunction with the privatisation of the health system. I support personal freedom and responsibility. Trough feeding pigs like George Wood should be banned; not public smoking.

How ironic it is to see the Catholic Man Boy Love Association speaking out against the building of a high rise brothel where consenting adults can choose to exchange cash for sex while for decades their organisation covered up the rape of unconsenting children by its members. Bishop Pat Dunn considers the application for the building of a 15 story brothel as “the development of a decidedly tacky culture and the encouragement of activities which will harm the lives of large numbers of people.” I don’t think the prostitute making a good income or the customer purchasing pleasure feel like their lives have been particuarly harmed. I think when one compares the ‘harm’ of prostitution to the harm of intellectual poison, centuries of primitive oppression and widespread child molestation perpetuated by the Catholic Church, prostitution is positively tame.

It is a sign of the oppressive nature of our Government that legitimate businessmen like the Chow brothers have to go crawling to a Council that forcibly demolished their previous building to gain permission to build a new one. Unfortunately, the average voting slave doesn’t see an issue with this. The average voter actually supports politicians using the power of force to control their neighbours. A politician who doesn’t use this power is viewed as being weak and ineffectual by the public. As a result they are punished at the polls in favour of power hungry leeches. Worse than the average, and otherwise disinterested voter, are those that take part in the political process and believe themselves virtuous for doing so. These are the low lives who make submissions on draft plans to demand height restrictions and heritage protections over other people’s property. It is people such as they who represent the greatest danger to our liberty.

Equally worthy of disdain are the mob of self-appointed experts on social issues using their bullshit qualifications and a scandal hungry media to spread their message of control to a gullible public. Public health researcher and Associate Professor Nick Wilson has attacked the National government as being “pathetically weak” on alcohol. What would one expect from a personal who has dedicated their life to making an earning from a publicly funded university studying publicly funded health systems? The government has chosen to adopt over 120 new regulations recommended by the Law Commission but has not yet put them into law. If this ‘academic’ thinks 120 new regulations is pathetically weak then I’d be disgusted to see what he thinks is an appropriate government action to take over alcohol.

Individuals are the rightful owners of their bodies and their lives. They should be free to exercise total sovereignty over their bodies and lives as long as their actions do not violate the liberty of others. Alcohol should be tax free, deregulated and not a part of the government’s sphere of control. With a privatised health system, professional whingers such as the associate professor would be, quite rightly, out of a job.

In the twenty first century, it is easy to think that as ‘society’ becomes more permissive, it becomes more free. However this is only an illusion. The near universal trend for governments is for them to become larger and freedom to reduce. Government’s put all their efforts into writing more laws but rarely repeal existing ones. First they will come for vice – then they’ll come for you…


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