Sell Crafar Farms to Whoever You Want

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The sale of 16 Crafar farms has been a long, drawn out controversial issue for some time now. China’s Shanghai Pengxin has made the highest bid for the purchase of the farms but for some reason, this isn’t enough. A consortium lead by Michael Fay has made a bid $30 million less than what the Chinese offered and may end up being successful because of the xenophobic restrictions on land sales currently in place.

Because the owner of the farms wishes to sell them to a foreigner, he must first get permission from a couple of National Government leeches to engage in a willing exchange between two parties. Why? Well, I really can’t tell you why because it makes no sense to me. One party wants to sell the land. Another party wants to buy the land. What is the problem? Why is it the Government’s business? Why is a phobia of foreign ownership so common in this country?

Those who are anti-foreign ownership should go an experience the prosperity of countries which have none, like North Korea. I think that, far more dangerous than the idea ofmillions of dollars of capital being invested, is the idea of crawling to the Government for permission to sell your land. What is dangerous is having to accept a $30 million lower bid because the Government won’t permit you to enter into a consenting trade with another party.

I say that the restrictions on foreign ownership should be eliminated. The rewards of new investment will rain down upon us, especially if enticed by a slashing of goverbnment spending and taxation.


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