Removing Treaty Clause Not Enough

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Prime Minister John Key has proposed removing a treaty clause in the State Owned Enterprises Act 1986 that stipulates “the Crown cannot act in a manner that is inconsistent with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.” This was foolish window-dressing added by a Labour Government eager to kiss up to the Ratana church and keep Maori as a natural constituency when Government departments were being reformed as state owned businesses. The Maori party is using this as an opportunity to show their voting base that they are committed to Maori interests while still being able to enjoy the baubles of power. I highly doubt they will go far enough to bring about a cut in their own salaries.

Maori party co-leader Tariana Turia says that her party is prepared to split with National to ensure the Treaty clause still exists. No doubt National will enter into some compromise negotiations to keep the Maori party on side for reasons I don’t understand. National has a working majority. National isn’t going to lose any votes from a break with the Maori party. Act and United Future aren’t going to go into opposition. When the Maori party leadership changes I doubt they will be as supportive of National as they are now, whatever the outcome of this current debacle.

I support National’s proposal to remove the Treaty clause from the State Owned Enterprises legislation. While it has been largely a collection of balloons and streamers for Maori up until now, there is no doubt that the clause could be cause for concern for a potential buyer of the assets and would have a serious impact on what sort of price the Government could attract from privatisation.

However, in my opinion, the simple removal of a Treaty clause from one piece of legislation is not enough. I think the entire Treaty of Waitangi should be removed from all areas of law and from its current pedestal as a ‘constitutional’ document of New Zealand. New Zealand has never had a true constitution; I think it is time that changed.

A constitution of New Zealand should be based on the principles of freedom, like the US constitution, instead of the pirnciples of racial division like we currently have. It should restrain the power of the Government, instead of turning it into a gravy train. A consititutionally limited Government should restrict itself to the protection of individual liberty, instead of granting privledges to racial interest groups.

Unfortunately, the National party doesn’t even have the mettle to abolish the disgustingly racist Maori seats, and therefore solve te problem of the Maori party, so there is no chance they will take this radically necessary step. Act New Zealand is more interested in tagging along behind “Brand Key” like a stray dog than properly standing on the principles they claim to espouse. Currently there is no credible political force willing to trash the 170 year old aparthied rag and fight for a founding document based on individual rights and liberty.

Hopefully someone reading this post agrees that it is time for our current perilous condition to change…


Here is a fantastic example of what I think could be a consititution of New Zealand:

  1. Lindsay says:

    You may be interested in Colin James’ ODT column today about matters constitutional.

    Then again, you might not…..:-)

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