Brewer’s Attack on Free Enterprise

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Councillor Cameron Brewer is consistently standing up as an enemy of property rights. First was the attack on those who choose to sell sex in their own homes. Now Commissar Cameron wants to tell business owners how big their shops should be! Brewer is decrying the type of business that he says is being attracted to Queen Street, labelling them ”shoebox shops selling absolute rubbish!”

I think it is tremendously arrogant for a politician, who produces nothing but regulation and hardship, to start dictating to hard-working, productive business owners every last detail of their enterprise. Why is it any of his bloody business? Individuals putting their own livelihoods at risk to support themselves and make profits is the epitome of everything should be admired in this country. They most certainly do not deserve to be attacked by a parasite from the Council.

The Councillors supposedly right-wing credentials are now in tatters with his harking back to the old days of Dick Hubbard’s regulation of city apartment sizes, which has contributed to the ballooning level of rents in Auckland. Brewer’s only concern is for the entrenchment of his big business mates, who probably do more to line his campaign coffers than the average $2 shop owner. There is no doubt that a minimum requirement for the sizing of a retail store will simply shut out small business owners in favour of chain stores. I have nothing against a business being so successful that it can expand into a multi-store chain; indeed I applaud it. However Brewer wants to use Council regulation to entrench the power of the largest businesses and shut out any opportunity of a new business owner growing themselves. That I condemn absolutely.

It isn’t just a desire to entrench the big boys in business that drives Mr. Brewer. There also seems to be an underlying xenophobia at work too as Cameron writes off the attempts of immigrants trying to make a decent living for their families. He says, “Sometimes it’s more about getting a migrant visa, than creating a sustainable business.” I say then that the immigration system is what is at fault, not individuals trying to make a better life for themselves without dependency on the state. Using flawed regulation to deal with the ill-effects of flawed regulation is no solution.

Evidently there is some consumer demand out there for small stores selling what Cameron Brewer arrogantly labels as rubbish, otherwise they would not be prolific or profitable. On his $80,000 salary I’m sure he can well afford to spend extra on premium products in premium stores with premium sized floor space. However, a lot of Aucklanders on regular sized incomes cannot afford such largesse and cheaper items of lower quality are often more within their reach. I’m sure they will be delighted that Commissar Cameron sneers at their purchasing decisions as being “rubbish.”

The ultimate issue here however, is not the arrogance of one toffy-nosed politician, it is the system that gives him his power to stick his fingers into every small crevice of productive individuals businesses. Local government legislation passed in 2002 gives our councils the power of general incompetence and voters the power to demand such infantile fascism. I hope that National does continue with the changes to local government that were heralded by Nick Smith before his resignation. Next year, it is essential that candidates who are committed to small local government that focus on core business only are elected.

Then Cameron Brewer can keep his mind in the sewers.


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