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It’s really is about bloody time that someone took the fight back to the Government over their legion of stupid regulations that restrict every aspect of our lives. Tobacco merchants have finally declared that they’re not going to take any more of the state’s crap bending over with their campaign to get consumers of tobacco to stand up for themselves. Phillip Morris have launched the website: so smokers can make sure the Government hears their opinion. I have joined and I encourage all smokers and advocates of freedom to do the same.

Considering the ongoing campaign of oppression launched against tobacco consumption by the state, this campaign is well overdue. It started with simple advertising and sponsorship bans in the 90s. It has progressed with property rights violations as a result of the Smokefree Environment’s Act. The Government has increased the taxation on tobacco by 10%, seevn times in the last 6 years. Now they’re banning displays and next they’ll be banning branded packaging. Finally…big tobacco fights back! I wish more companies would fight back against state intervention. It’s about time supermarkets stopped letting the Commerce Commission rape them in an alley and then ask for more. It’s about time the liquor industry mobilised to defend its right to tradeĀ  its products freely with adults. Its about time individuals stopped staying quiet while the Government strips their liberties away one tiny bit at a time. They peel the bark so slowly that everyone is surprised when the trunk is finally bald.

The Watermelon party of Russell Norman and that woman whose name nobody can remember are even worse than the current Government. Not only do they endorse the Government’s current actions…well to be honest they probably think the government is being too soft..but they do this while advocating the legalisation of cannabis. They are fucking hypocrites! Don’t get me wrong – while I virtually never touch the weed these days, I am a passionate advocate for its legalisation. What pisses me of is that the Greens will surf the sheeple wave with braindead populism to condemn one cancer causing drug while supporting the legalisation of another. At best, they’re idiots. At worst they’re cynical hypocritical creeps.

All individuals, smoker or not, should jump on this Phillip Morris bandwagon. Yes, I realise most who dislike the Government won’t because they’re from the stupid ‘I don’t care because I don’t smoke’ variety of garden gnome. A real wasted opportunity considering the vast resources the tobacco industry has to draw on to fund its fightback. However the rights that tobacco merchants and consumers have had violated are the same rights as those possessed by non-smokers. Everybody rightfully has sovereignty over their own body. When the state makes laws about what you can put into your body, everybody is violated by the state; not just those with forbidden tastes. When the state makes laws about whether you can smoke in a private building, the rights of all property owners are violated; not just those of bar owners. When the state puts taxes on the product you freely trade, the wallets of all are plundered, not just those of the traders.
Once they’ve finished with the Catholics, Communists and Jews, they’re coming for you.